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--- NEW RELEASE: DOWNTOWN JAM OUT NOW!--->>https://kabutokai.itch.io/downtown-jam<<

Downhill Jam is a Hoverboarding, time trial stunt game, developed by "Chad Lads", a team of University of Gloucestershire final year games design students, who have made this game as an advanced group project.

Get down the city streets as quickly as possible, popping ollies, grinding and avoiding traffic, to get the highest possible score and beat other skaters. View your score on the scrollable leaderboard, and compete with your friends.

The game features ragdoll physics, smooth controls, and a cartoony art style inspired by awesome games like “Jet Set Radio”.

We are proud to have won the British Computing Society "Best Project Design" award at our university, and are proud to release this game here for you to try!



WASD: Steer/Accelerate hoverboard

SPACEBAR: Hold and release to jump

R: Wipeout/Reset


F: Trick (whilst airborne)

XBOX 360 (Or other XInput supported controller)

Left Stick: Steer

Right Trigger: Accelerate

Left Trigger: Deccelerate

A/B: Jump

X/Y: Trick (whilst airborne)

SELECT: Wipeout/Reset

START: Pause

(additional tips available in the readme!)

Soundtrack here! Created by Ben Lloyd

Stream Cedrusel | Listen to Downhill Jam Soundtrack playlist online for free on SoundCloud


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jet set RADIOOOOOOO!!!!!



Game is simple but fun!!!

Could use some things like

-More music

-Different stages

-More custom options

Hope to see improvements!!!

Hey SenpaiKazzy!

Thanks for the video! Looks like you got some steezy tricks in well done! Thanks for your feedback :)


Why is it slow??

Hey RaapOnPoint, Sorry you're having problems running the game, make sure that your PC meets generic minimum specs for Unity games, and make sure you play the game on a local C: drive.


Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The concept is quite cool.

-The gameplay mechanics are well thought and implemented with the level design, once you get into them you can make awesome things.

-I would like to see more "maps", "levels" on the game and a ranking with the better "scores".

-Visually the game looks great and it's style totally fits the theme of the game.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Hey FullThrough, nice video and good feedback points, glad you enjoyed and thank you for reviewing our game!

You are welcome :)


When the Skate series meets Jet Set Radio.  Or at least how I think of it.  A very good thing.

Exactly our inspirations! Well spotted :)


lots of fun!!! clunky with PC controls (as you guys have said) but otherwise a good time

Thanks! Glad you had fun!


This is the best I could do: 


Wow! Crazy score! You beat the developer score of 15k!


Haha, nice work breaking our game!! Glad you enjoyed it and your video was really funny to watch!


fun game funny cats




so good


Best game ive ever played how is this game so good


LOVE THE GAME ITS AMAZING Ideas for game: Talkable npc with quest and story line, oooooo maybe a combat while riding lol, sorry for the random ideas and idk THE GAME IS TOO EPIC ALREADY


Very funny game! 

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so funny


Yo this game is dope!